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NV Colmant Brut Reserve - 91 PTS - IWINE

I Wine Review"For just a bit higher price (in South Africa), the Brut Reserve is a very significant step up from the Brut Plaisir. The bottle we tasted was made of mostly 2011 base wine and recently disgorged and is still tight and not very expressive, but its fine texture and balance promises good drinking pleasure. Pale straw, it’s very clean with bread dough, apple and citrus notes, excellent acidity and a nice chalky note on the finish. It’s a 52/48 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, mostly from the 2011 vintage, with about 22 percent reserve wine. Once it settles down, we expect this wine to be at least as good as earlier releases that we’ve tasted."

I-WineReview (January 2014), 91 pts

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