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NV Rebuli Prosecco In Fondo - 89 PTS - IWR

iwinereview"Made using the methode ancestrale where the wine is bottled prior to the end of fermentation, with fermentation continuing in bottle, thereby creating a lightly effervescent wine. The Rebuli In Fondo shows an exuberant green apple nose and apple and pear flavors with lemon and thyme notes on a lightly fizzy palate. It has bright acidity and finishes with good fruity length and very dry (0 g/l RS). This is an unfussy, festive wine for consuming with casual fare. Light in alcohol, too. Picked by hand, softly pressed."

- International Wine Review, (November 2017), 89 pts

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NV Rebuli Prosecco In Fondo - 90 PTS - IWR

iwinereview"Showing orchard fruit aromas, this wine offers exuberant fruit with light lemon and herbal notes. It offers bright acidity and finishes complete dry. One of the best Pet-Nats we’ve had this year. Made of 95% Glera, this is a sparkling wine made the ancestrale method where the wine is bottled before the end of fermentation, resulting in dissolved carbon dioxide that lends a light sparkling quality to the wine."

- International Wine Review (Champagnes & Sparkling Wines for the Holidays: The Best of 2018), 90 pts

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