4 Gatos Locos
Argentina - Mendoza

4 Gatos Locos is a project created by Gabriel Bloise, Facundo Bonamaizon, Mariana and Juan Pelizzatti - winemaker, viticulturist and founders of Chakana Winery (respectively). The project centers on a 20-hectare vineyard in Alto Gualtallary, the most prominent growing region in Argentina.

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 The vineyard is situated 1,360 meters above sea level, on a 10% slope on the Sierra del Jaboncillo - a relatively old geological formation near the alluvial fan of the Las Tunas river, in the Tupungato area. The long exposure to arid conditions of calcium rich gravel has created one of the most calcium carbonate-rich areas in Mendoza. This combination of altitude, slope, gravel and the calcium carbonate create uniquely deep, textured wines, with intense color and mineral freshness. Moderate high temperatures controlled by high altitude in sunny conditions produce perfectly ripe grapes of unusually intense color and great vitality, balanced by the mineral freshness of calcium carbonate. Local aromatic plants, naturally occurring in native vegetation areas interspersed in the vineyard, give the wine a unique herbal touch that underline the character of the place.

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Reviews and News

4 Gatos Locos - WA 2021

4 Gatos Locos - WA 2021

wa"4 Gatos Locos is a scion from Chakana and started as a Chakana brand. They have established themselves in Alto Gualtallary with 15 hectares in what used to be Tupungato Winelands. In 2018, they produced 18,000 bottles, but they hope to reach the 50,000-bottle mark in the coming years. - Luis Gutiérrez"

- Robert Parker's Wine Advocate (March 2021)

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Wine Production Area
Argentina - Mendoza - Gualtallary
Juan Pelizzatti
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