Atomium Brewing

Atomium PGC is produced under exclusive license in Ertvelde, Belgium, at the brewery Van Steenberge. The brewery itself has been in operation since 1784; it went through a major overhaul in 1992 and is now one of the most advanced breweries in Belgium.  The beer is named after the national monument of Belgium - very fitting for a country that considers beer one of its greatest national treasures.

Atomium Premier Grand Cru, created in 2000, is one of the only top fermented golden ale in the world that is brewed with 6 different grains. The original beer recipe was devised from extended cooperation with beer passionates from all over the world. The brewery returned to the roots of cookery and prepared the beer from the best natural ingredients that can be obtained, without any taint of chemistry. The production of the beer is licensed out to one of the most advanced breweries in Belgium, with a brewing tradition that dates back to 1784. Atomium brewery manages the industrial property rights to this unique beer as well as the worldwide distribution rights. 


Producer Details
Belgium - East Flanders - Ertvelde