Aufsesser Rothenbach Brauerei

In 1796, Jean Rothenbach, progenitor of the Aufsesser family, fled from Napoleon’s troops in Franconian Switzerland. Almost a quarter century later, in 1823, he acquired the property "Wirstgürtlein" – the future home of the family’s brewery. Grandson Johann Rothenbach built the brewery in the 1880’s. For 3000 Mark, he acquired the brewing means of the Franciscan monastery in Gößweinstein. In November 1886, the first batch was managed with the help of a Franciscan.

The Rothenbach brewery has developed steadily ever since. A new brewhouse was constructed in 1953 under 5th generation Friedrick Rothenbach. New storage facilities and a filtration cellar were built in the 1980’s, and a new . Today it is run by the 6th generation; Dipl. Braumesiter Frank Rothenbach and his wife, Petra, who took over in 1990. After completing his studies as a master brewery and graduate in industrial engineering, Frank began managing the brewery, including overseeing the construction of its new warehouse and automated brewhouse.

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Frank & Petra Rothenbach
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