Bodega Malma ( NQN - Cholila Ranch )
Argentina - Patagonia

Bodega Malma was born as part of a new Patagonia winemaking project in Neuquen’s San Patricio del Chañar province. The wines launched in 2004.

Bodega Malma is owned by the Viola and Eurnekian families, who acquired the winery in 2009. Together with winemaker Sergio Pomar and consulting winemaker Roberto de la Mota, they are committed to analyzing terroir and the continued development of winemaking in the Patagonia region.

The San Patricio del Chañar region stands out for its ideal vine-growing features. The high altitude and significant temperature gap allow grapes to ripen slowly and favors better sugar accumulation, acidity levels, aromas and flavors. Constant breezes and winds keep vineyards healthy and contribute to fruit concentration, color and structure as grapes develop a thicker skin.

cholila ranch vines

The winery’s 127 hectares have been carefully planted, after extensive research on which area helps which varietal achieve its fullest expression. The winery utilizes a sophisticated drip irrigation system.

Producer Details
Wine Production Area
Argentina - Patagonia - Neuquen
Sergio Pomar
314 acres (127 hectares)
Grape Varietal(s)