Cantina Gambellara
Italy - Veneto

Cantina di Gambellara was founded in 1947 by a group of 26 associated vine growers, becoming the first cooperative winery in the Vicenza province. Today the cooperative has 365 members, 650 hectares of vineyard and an annual production of nearly one million cases.

Cantina di Gambellara is in the middle of four historic DOC production areas: Gambellara, Colli Berici, Lessini Durello and Soave. The vineyards are mainly located on the hillsides of Gambellara, famous for their volcanic soil; tophus and basaltic rocks that emerge on the surface in columns with polyhedric shapes. The soil is rich in mineral salts, potassium and magnesium, giving the grapes great richness and aromatics.

About 50% of the vineyards are located on plains, providing the source for table wines and blends. The remaining 50% are ancient vineyards located on hills surrounding the villages of Gambellara, Soave, Zarmeghedo, Montebello and Montorso Vicentino. Production is low here, but quality is outstanding.

Producer Details
Wine Production Area
Italy - Veneto - Soave DOC
1606 acres (650 hectares)
Grape Varietal(s)
Garganega, Durella
Annual Production
900,000 (9-liter cases)