Chateau de Segries
France - Rhone Valley

Owner Henri de Lanzac (cousin of the Delorme family of Domaine de la Mordorée) purchased Chateau de Segries in 1994 from Count Henri de Regis, the founder of the Lirac AOC. Lirac wines have been produced in the Southern Rhone Valley since before Roman times, when they were favorites of the kings and popes of Avignon. In the late 1700’s, production was high, but in 1863 phylloxera hit. The area struggled to recover until the early 1900’s. In the 1930’s, Count Henri de Régis began working to improve the quality of wines, vintage after vintage. In 1945, he obtained the highest distinction, a cru, of the Côtes du Rhône. Lirac is the oldest recorded wine of the Côtes du Rhône region, and was the first to be produced in red, white and rosé. It became an AOC in 1947.

Located between (and shared by) Lirac & Tavel is perhaps the best terroir for red wine, the windy plateau Vallongue. The vineyards on this plateau are full of ‘galets roulés’ – these hard, dense silica-rolled pebbles absorb heat during the day & return it to the vines at night. Their presence also allows for deep vine roots, which results in outstanding terroir. Ségriès, along with Domaine de la Mordorée and Domaine Grand Veneur, use grapes from this area.
Château de Ségriès owns 58 hectares of vineyard land, all in old vines.

  • 38 hectares – Lirac Rouge, on clay and limestone-based soils
  • 1.5 hectares – Lirac Blanc
  • 11 hectares - Tavel, on limestone, pebble stone, sand and clay-based soils.
  • 4 hectares - Côtes du Rhône
  • 3.5 hectares - Clos de l'Hermitage

Robert Parker Jr called Chateau de Ségriès, “a super value treasure trove in the Southern Rhone” whose “wines continue to go from strength to strength.”

Reviews and News

Chateau de Segries - Press

Chateau de Segries - Press

"This estate has become fairly well known in the United States, thanks to the tireless work of its importer, Fran Kysela, MS. They’ve even named the drive up to the cellars in his honor. Of course, there needs to be more than marketing behind a wine for it to have staying power, and the wines of Château de Ségriès have been reliably good—and great values—for decades. Every time I’ve visited, the building has been a construction zone, so it is a bit of a miracle that the wines are so consistent from year to year. - Joe Czerwinski"
- Robert Parker's Wine Advocate (Issue #233, October 2017)


"This estate has been on a qualitative hot streak for more than a decade, and this trio represents some of their attractive value-priced selections."
- Robert Parker's Wine Advocate (Issue #208, August 2013)


"This has been a reliable producer of terrific values in the Cotes du Rhone (and for their Tavel rose) for a number of years, and they have once again done an admirable job."
- Robert Parker's Wine Advocate (#201, June 2012)



"The new releases from proprietor Henri de Lanzac are all impressive." - Wine Advocate (#195, June 2011)



"Over the last fifteen years, this property has been transformed into one of the better value producers in the Cotes du Rhone. The old, oxidized, vegetal offerings have been replaced with classic examples of Provencal wines that are fresh and fruity with ripe tannins." - Wine Advocate (#190, Aug. 2010)



"A super value treasure trove in the southern Rhone, Ségriès is a large estate of 109 acres brought back to life over the last decade by Henri de Lanzac. The wines continue to go from strength to strength."- Wine Advocate (#178, Aug. 2008)



Producer Details
Wine Production Area
France - Rhone Valley - Cotes du Rhone AOC, Hermitage AOC, Lirac AOC, Tavel AOC
Henri de Lanzac
Frederic Grasset
143 acres (58 hectares)
Grape Varietal(s)
Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Carignan, Clairette, Mourvedre, Ugni Blanc, Roussanne, Bourboulenc, Picpoul
Age of Vines
up to 80 years