Domaine La Maionnette
France - Provence

Located in La Crau, a few kilometers from Pierrefeu, Domaine de La Maïonnette spreads on a 30 hectare-vineyard where the wines are grown with passion to express the best of its terroir. La Maïonnette has been an independent winegrower since 1913.
The vines are equally divided between two appellations: AOP Côtes de Provence and IGP Méditerranée.
In addition to the traditional rosé wines of Provence, Domaine de La Maïonnette offers high quality white and red wines.

The estate benefits from a Mediterranean climate, where winters are rigorous and allow the vine to regenerate more easily, and summers are hot, providing a beautiful maturity to the grapes. The sea breeze avoids radical changes in temperature.
The wines of Domaine de la Maïonnette reflect the elegance of the Provençal terroir, characterized by the hot and dry climate. The clay-limestone based soils represent an ideal place to grow the grapes thanks to their ability to retain the water better, while bringing body and power to the wine, and leaving them supple and round.
The night harvest - that favors the freshness of the aromas - and the vinification are also thought to enhance the quality of the grapes ripening under the Mediterranean climate.

The Malard family has been rooted in wine for 3 generations. In the 90s, Jean-Louis Malard developed his own Champagne wines. He quickly became one of the major players in the Champagne landscape. Passionate about wine and driven by entrepreneurship, he's always in the search for new challenges around his passion. Attached to the Provence region and the quality of the wines produced there, purchasing Domaine de La Maïonnette was the perfect match and the result of a long research and meticulous work.


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