Lima Vinho Verde Granite
Encostas do Lima
Portugal - Vinho Verde   

This special project from the Adega Ponte de Lima highlights the diverse soils of the Vinho Verde region. Made from 100% Loureiro grapes, both the Granite and Schist varieties boast a crisp acidity and expressive minerality.

Lima Vinho Verde Granite displays intense floral aromas with great freshness and more accentuated minerality.

Wine Type
100% Loureiro
Age of vines
10-20 years
Soil type
Granitic soil
Manual harvest. Fermented at 17°C (62°F) with the help of inoculated active dry yeasts (saccharomyces cerevisiae) that works the best with Vinho Verde. Stirring of the lees (batonnage). No oak. 7 grams per liter residual sugar (0.7%)
500 (9-liter cases)

Sushi, fish, seafood, cheeses and salads.

Producer Information: Encostas do Lima

Encostas do Lima is produced by the Adega Ponte de Lima. The Adega Ponte de Lima was founded in 1959. As its name suggests, it is located in beautiful Ponte ...
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