Maison Le Bihan
France - Loire Valley

Maison Le Bihan is located in the Loire Valley in a small village called Angé (not to be confused with Angers). 

The estate was founded in 1786 by The Morcellet family originating from the Touraine area. At that time they farmed 4 hectares of vines, grew cereals, and goats. Jean Le Bihan arrived in the Loire Valley from the Great West where his father was from to work at the Château des Arpentis in Amboise in 1946.
A few years later, in 1951, Jean married Micheline Morcellet, then moved to the estate of his in-laws and created Domaine Le Bihan.
In 1993, Laurent Le Bihan - the youngest son of the family - took over the family business. The estate expanded and now covers 20 hectares as well as a wine tourism activity that is run by Laurent's son Romain who represents the 4th generation of the family.


Producer Details
Wine Production Area
France - Loire Valley - Touraine, Sancerre, Touraine Chenonceaux
Laurent Le Bihan
Laurent Le Bihan
49 acres (20 hectares)
Grape Varietal(s)
70% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Malbec (cot) and 10% Gamay
Annual Production
80 000 bottles + some wine sold in bulk