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This is an exclusive project for Kysela Père et Fils, LTD. Grapes are sourced from the Marlborough region of New Zealand.

The Marlborough wine region is by far New Zealand's largest, accounting for three quarters of the country's wine production, 70% of its vineyard area and 85% of its wine exports. A Geographical Indication (established in 2018) in the north-east of the South Island, it covers the entire Marlborough Region, but in practice the vineyards are concentrated around the Blenheim and Seddon townships. Internationally, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is recognized as world class.

The soils in the Wairau Valley and the wine-growing districts surrounding Blenheim are primarily free-draining alluvial gravels. Extensive planting has been undertaken on the river terraces and flood plains on the valley floor, although some wineries are using organic practices to also dry-farm vines on north-facing hill slopes. The climate is usually sunny and warm in summer and autumn, resulting in a long growing season, and the cool night-time sea breezes provide the temperature variation required for good characterful wines. It can also be very dry, and younger vines often require some degree of irrigation. Broadly, there are three sub-regions. The Wairau Valley is the river flood plain around the town of Blenheim, with deep alluvial gravel soils and river terraces. The Southern Valleys are to the south and include the north-facing hill slopes of the Wither Hills, with largely glacial loess soils. Awatere Valley is to the south-east, around the town of Seddon, with a generally cooler climate. It accounts for about a third of the total Marlborough vineyard area.

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