Samuel Lindsay Wines
United States - California

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Samuel Lindsay worked for the railroad as a Section Hand, laying tracks in Texas and New Mexico. These section crews were often made up of immigrants and ethnic minorities who endured harsh working conditions and meager paychecks to provide for their families. Despite the grueling physical labor, railroad workers were referred to as “Gandy Dancers” for their rhythmic chants and synchronized motions as they lunged their bodies into tamping bars, picks, and shovels. This wine is a tribute to Samuel, “Daddy Pat” – The Gandy Dancer – whose hard work laid the foundation for the four generations to follow. Raise a glass to immigrants, who continue to endure with strength for the hope of a better life.


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Wine Production Area
United States - California - Lodi
Bill Leigon; Billy Spear; Joseph Smith; Barry Gnekow; Brent Donaldson
Joseph SMITH
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