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Torracina is made from high density vineyards located in the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta in southern and central Sicily. Vines are trained on  “alberello” (bush vines). The soil is a mixture of limestone and clay The climate is dry and windy with average Spring temperatures of 15-20°C and Summer temperatures of 20-32° C  during the day. The coolness of the nights and the constant aeration by the wind is optimal for bouquet and color. The relatively infertile terrain encourages the concentrated structure.

The name comes from the legend of the fox and the grapes. Where, near the ruin of a tower, a hungry fox sees ripe grapes hanging just out of his reach. After jumping several times he uses one of the stones that once made up the tower to attempt to climb on top but is still unable to reach the grapes. He finally gives up but consoles himself saying that the grapes were probably bitter. "Racina" in Sicilian dialect means grape and "Tor" refers to the tower.

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