Yuz Me Sake
Japan - Wakayama Prefecture

Sekaiitto Wakanomegumi Ryujin No Yuzu

Yuzu fruit originated in China around the Yangtze River region and was brought to Japan & Korea 1300 years ago. This unique fruit is a key ingredient in Japanese cuisine.
With the appearance of an irregular lemon, it smells like lemon and lime, yet tastes like a tangerine.
Yuzu Me Sake with natural flavor, is best served over ice or use to make cocktails. Kanpai!

Special Ingredients
Food Pairings

As an aperitif, served over ice, or used as an ingredient for cocktails and martinis.

Producer Information: Sekai Itto

Sekai Itto is the producer for our Yuz Me Sake. 

Sekai Itto started brewing Sake in 1884 at their Kura located in Wakayama, Japan. Their name stands for "Unifying the sake ...
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