Quinta da Boeira
Portugal - Douro

Quinta da Boeira was built by an emigrant named Manuel da Rocha Romariz, who returned from Brazil in the early 19th century. Knowing the Brazilian market, he registered as an exporter of Port Wine in 1850, using two trade names for the labels: ROMARIZ and BOEIRA.
These brands quickly won the consideration and confidence of consumers and distributors due to their quality, expanding to several markets, among which Portuguese, English, French and Brazilian stood out, among others.
1966 - The Quinta is sold in different parcels to several owners.
1999 - With the eminent risk of real estate speculation the space is bought by a group of investors with the goal of preserving its valuable legacy and promoting cultural activities thus opening Quinta da Boeira to the community.
2014 - One of the most distinctive and original projects is concluded in honor of the quality and diversity of the Portuguese wines with the construction of the world´s biggest bottle.
2017 - Quinta da Boeira Arte e Cultura is registered as a Port Wine exporting company at Port and Douro Wines Institute.
2019 - Opening of the Boeira Garden Hotel, a luxury development with 119 rooms and 5 suites, having Art and Culture as central theme. A luxury Hotel with an exquisite, comfortable, sophisticated, intimate and calm atmosphere, surrounded by the gardens of Quinta and harmonizing the agitation of the city with the bucolic and serene nature. The hotel was decorated based on an international competition. It is possible to admire sculptures and paintings from several artists of different countries throughout the space.
2020 - Acquisition of the C. da Silva family house designed by the architect Teixeira Lopes.

quinta boeira

Quinta da Boeira is a reference in wines of superior quality, namely in Port Wine, duly certified by the Institute of Douro and Port Wines and proudly marked with the knight seal on the neck, according to the guidelines that the Observatório do Port wine advocates for the defense of the Porto Denomination of Origin.
Each Quinta da Boeira wine is a unique experience, in which Wine and Art are intimately linked, having their maximum exponent in unique bottles and which are distinguished by their shape and aesthetics, such as Diamond or Decanter.


Producer Details
Wine Production Area
Portugal - Douro -
Albino Jorge, Carlos Pinto Ribeiro, António Massa and Miguel Miranda
Mário Araujo