Senjo Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Juicy & Refreshing. Full of fruity flavors with clean sweetness. Brewed with Hitogokochi, the special sake rice harvested in Nagano, and natural water slowly filtered down the Japan Alps. In 1866, toward the end of the Edo period, Matsujirou Kurogouchi and his family started a small sake brewery currently called Senjo named after Senjo Ga Take, a 3000-meter peak in the Japanese Alps. Today Senjo Brewery strives to combine art with science and old skill with new technology by adding modern twits to the rich historical traditions of Sake brewing.

Rice Milling
Rice Varietals
Sake Meter Value
Food Pairings

Deep-fried fish with sweet & sour sauce, Young sweetfish tempura (chiayu tempura), Caesar salad

Producer Information: Senjo Brewery

Established in 1866.
Named after Senjo Ga Take or Mt. Senjo, a 3000-meter peak in the Japanese Alps.
Sen = 1000
Jo(丈) = 3m
Sen + jo = 3000m

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