Sawahime Yamahai Junmai
Japan - Tochigi Perfecture

From the Tochigi Prefecture.

This sake has ripe aromas of gardenia, kiwi, papaya and green peppercorn, aged camembert cheese and notes of nutmeg, mushroom, toasted oat and warm brioche. Made with a local rice, Hitogokochi grown in Tochigi, the production is done in a warmer fermentation style known as “Yamahai”. On the palate, this sake is bright, dry and lively with medium plus acidity, and full bodied with a long finish. A light bone broth style with a melted cheese component.

Owner and Toji (Brewer), Hirohito is revered within the Shimotsuke Brewers Association. Inoue’s vision is all about the promotion of the Tochigi prefecture; only the local brewery workers, the local water source, the locally grown rice, and only locally produced music is played during the brewing season. Using only 100% Hitogokochi rice, milled to 65% for both the koji and mash, this Yamahai style sake is brewed rich and dry. Hirohito Inoue is known for his award-winning sake. He was awarded “Brewer of the Year” at the 2010 IWC Sake Competition in London.

Rice Milling
Rice Varietals
Sake Meter Value
Food Pairings

Smoked or oily fish, fried Calamari and Fish Tempura, Fried Chicken
Slightly ripe Brie, Raschera.

Producer Information: Inoue Seikichi

Inoue Seikichi was founded in 1868 in the Tochigi Prefecture.

Young Toji Inoue from Sawahime is committed to the Tochigi prefecture, using only the local water source, locally grown rice, and ...
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