Dry Fly Bourbon 101
United States - Washington - Spokane

Dry fly bourbon 101 was the first legal bourbon made in Washington state. It features corn grown by Dry Fly's local hutterian settlement and triticale grown by mitch the farmer. Aged in 53 gallon American oak barrels for a minimum of 3 years.

Aromas of spices and fainted oakiness. Big sweet flavors of caramel and vanilla then it shows cinnamon and oak.

Special Ingredients
Caramel and vanilla then it shows cinnamon and oak.
Still Type
Their still, manufactured in Goppingen, Germany, is a Christian Carl pot still with multiple rectification columns. It has a 450-liter capacity and they expect an annual output of approximately 3,500 cases of 12/750 ML bottles.
Corn, unmalted wheat and Barley.
3 years

Reviews and News

Dry Fly Bourbon 101 - drinkspirits.com

Dry Fly Bourbon 101 - drinkspirits.com

"There is no question that this is a young bourbon, but how Dry Fly has managed to pull a level of complexity and sophistication out of such young spirit is absolutely beyond us."


Dry Fly Bourbon 101 - American Whiskey

Dry Fly Bourbon 101 - American Whiskey

american whiskeyPeggy Noe Stevens – 8.0

Nose: Dig in deep with this soft wheat. Feathery citrus and honey light.Slight maple syrup and biscuits.
Palate: Allspice and golden raisin to eventually shine through. Seasoned breadcrumbs. Touch of mint and pineapple.
Finish: Tannins that develop immediately and ease up to a warm and alluring finish.
Comments: The nose will fool you with the “wheaty” softness and then the first sip sings.


Susan Reigler – 7.7

Nose: Vanilla wafers and hard candy with a little cinnamon and wheat toast.
Palate: Clean and not overly sweet with more vanilla and some milk chocolate. Ripe apples dusted with cinnamon and just a tiny bit of ginger.
Finish: Stays sweet for a while before ending with a touch of oak.
Comments: While not an overly complex sip, it is quite enjoyable and might pare will with pre-diner mixed nuts.


- American Whiskey (December 2018)

Dry Fly Bourbon 101 - 96 PTS - The Tasting Panel

Dry Fly Bourbon 101 - 96 PTS - The Tasting Panel

tasting panel logo"Aged for four years and coming in at 101 proof, this spirit exudes sweet butterscotch aromas painted with summer peach, walnut shell, and oatmeal. The initial sip lights up the palate with an effect of burnt orange peel and marshmallow, and as the alcohol dissipates slowly, it adjusts to show a leather-oak spice that glides on the tongue. Pekoe tea notes linger on the finish and marry with apricot nectar. - Meridith May"
- The Tasting Panel (November 2018), 96 pts

Dry Fly Bourbon 101 - 2011 Rock & Rye Review

Dry Fly Bourbon 101 - 2011 Rock & Rye Review

Rock & Rye Spirits Review: Dry Fly Washington Bourbon
by Dennis on Aug.09, 2011, under Bourbon, Product Reviews

"Dry Fly is a distillery that seems to be bound and determined to push the envelope while still retaining the highest standards possible. Every product they have released has been distilled to a fantastic level of quality, while breaking out of the molds that most seem bound and determined to stay in. They have a vodka that is not flavorless, a gin that includes hops and apple in the botanicals, and a whiskey made from winter wheat.

This last weekend marked the Seattle release of Dry Fly's newest product, a 101 proof Bourbon distilled from corn, unmalted wheat, and barley, and as luck would have it, I happened to be driving though Seattle right as it went on sale. Unfortunately for those who were not in Seattle or Spokane for the releases, all 480 bottles were sold within hours, and I am told that the next release is not until late next year. But, back to the bourbon.

This is not your average bourbon, perhaps having more in common with your great-great-grandpappy's bourbon. Aged for only three years, this golden liquid is bold and in your face. The aromas are packed with spices and a faint oakiness. On the tongue, you get big sweet flavors of caramel and vanilla, the alcohol hiding in the fringes, despite the hefty proof. The flavors fade out with a long spicy finish laced with cinnamon and oak. All in all, a fantastic bourbon that will only continue to improve with age. Cheers to Don, Kent, Patrick, and the whole Dry Fly family for another fantastic product!"

Producer Information: Dry Fly Distillery

Dry Fly Distilling is a farm-to-bottle distillery in Spokane, Washington. They are a complete grain-to-glass operation, making vodka, gin and whiskey using only locally grown grains and botanicals. Their two ...
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