Salette Armagnac Tenareze

Armagnac is the oldest French eau-de vie produced in the area called Tenareze, in the South West of France, in the heart of Gascogny. The AOC was created in 1936, but the first known distillation was in 1411 and first commercial activity involving Armagnac was registered in 1414 .

Armagnac is produced by distilling white wine - Ugni Blanc grape variety - and aging it for many years in oak barrels.
After picking the grapes at optimum maturity followed by a simple fermentation  - without adding any oenological product, the wine is distilled using a "continuous" Armagnacais still. This still will concentrate as much as possible the alcohol and the aromas to first produce a colorless eau-de-vie that will be put into oak cask and stay there for a few years.

A shiny golden color with amber highlights that reflects the long years spent in oak barrels.  Fruity aromas of quince, plum, orange with floral scents and notes of vanilla, spice. Hints of almond that perfectly match with the full mouth balanced by aromas of dried apple. The finish is long with notes of pepper. Subtle, warm, rich and well structured.


To enjoy by itself or with friends after a good gourmet meal.

Producer Information: Domaine de Salette

Domaine de Salette is a family owned and operated winery that has been producing wine since 1971. The estate is located near the town of Condom, in the Armagnac area ...
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