Senjo Gin

1866, toward the end of the Edo period, Matsujirou Kurogouchi and his family started a small sake brewery currently called Senjo named after Senjo Ga Take, a 3000-meter peak in the Japanese Alps. Today, 6th generation President Takashi Kurogouchi has expanded Senjo Brewery product line to include Senjo Sakura Craft Gin.

This is a blend of French Gin (made and distilled in France), Cherry blossom spirit made at the Kura, as well as Rice (Kome) shochu, also made at the Kura. 

Tasting note: On the nose, a fresh floral aroma emerges that comes from local specialty Sakura variety, Takato-Kohigan- Sakura. The finish is gentle, lingering finish of Ginjo-ka that is similar of Daiginjo.

90 proof (45% ABV)
Special Ingredients
Botanicals purchased from France. It primarily features juniper berry but also includes licorice, lime, coriander, grapefruit peel, orange peel, and angelica root as key botanical ingredients. Sakura (cherry) tree leaves are also used.
Still Type
Indirect heat (steam) is employed for vacuum (reduced pressure) distillation, with the process occurring at 40℃.

It can be used for Gin soda, Gin Tonic, On the rocks, With water, Martini. 
In Japan, it is commonly consummed with salt-pickled cherry blossoms.

Producer Information: Senjo Brewery

Established in 1866.
Named after Senjo Ga Take or Mt. Senjo, a 3000-meter peak in the Japanese Alps.
Sen = 1000
Jo(丈) = 3m
Sen + jo = 3000m

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