Toso Limoncello

Limoncello was invented in the beginning of the 1900s. It is thought that its birthplace is Sorrento but the Amalfi coast and Sicily also claim to have been the first to make it. At Toso, the Limoncello is made with ripe Femminello lemons from Sorrento whose skins are rich in essential oils. The peels are steeped in a grape-based spirit until the oil is released. The liquid is then mixed with simple syrup of sugar and water.

Color: Sunny yellow with a natural cloudiness from the essential oil droplets.
Bouquet: A delightful aroma of fresh lemons
Taste: Vibrant zesty citrus with a perfect balance of sugars make this deliciously refreshing with a sweet taste that is never cloying.

ABV : 25%
Acidity : 6

between 50 and 52 proof
Special Ingredients
Grape-based alcohol, Sugar, Water and Infused lemon peels

Great slightly chilled or on the rocks. It can be used as an aperitif or as a digestif following the meal. It can be poured over ice cream, used to make stunning lemon sherbert or a delicious lemon drop martini.

Producer Information: Toso Winery

The Belbo Valley, in particular the village of Cossano Belbo, is home to Toso Winery. The area is characterized by its rising Langhe hills and the presence of the beloved ...
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