Hugl Gemischter Satz
Austria - Weinviertel

"Gemischter Satz" has a long history in Austria. It is a field blend where different grape varieties are picked at the same time and vinified together:

In Vienna, the tradition of planting different and complementary grape varieties together in a vineyard – then harvesting and fermenting them together as well – has survived to the present day as Gemischter Satz. Thanks to the dynamic efforts of ambitious winegrowers, this traditional rarity has grown in stature and recognition to become the calling card of viticulture in Austria’s capital city.

Gemischter Satz is very popular in Vienna’s Heurigen (the Viennese term for wine taverns). Historically, Heurigen were simple places, where vineyard owners would open their doors during wine season to serve glasses of this years wine and juices to guests. At most, a plate of cold meats and cheese could be served along with the delicious wine.

For the traditional wines of Wiener Gemischter Satz - the planting of different grape varieties together in one vineyard - a unique style profile has been developed; a style that reflects the wine's origin-typical aromas and flavours. The regulation for the Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC requires that at least three white quality wine varieties must be planted together in one vineyard that is listed in the Viennese vineyard register as Wiener Gemischter Satz. The highest portion of one grape variety must be no more than 50%; the third highest portion must be at least 10%. Wines without vineyard indication must be dry and without any prominent wood flavour. The Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC can be marketed with an indication of vineyard site also. Single vineyard wines do not necessarily have to correspond with the “dry” taste indication, and they cannot be released for sale prior to March 1st of the year following the harvest. Minimum alcohol % of 12.5%.

Adds an enthusiastic Herbert Schilling, head of Vienna's Regional Wine Committee: “With the Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC, we've achieved a milestone in the consistent, years-long quality policy for wine growing in Vienna. The new regulations sharpen the origin profile of Wiener Gemischter Satz and, at the same time, reflect Vienna´s diversity in the glass.”

The wine displays a mix of green-spicy flavors mixed with muscat, white pepper on the palate.

Wine Type
50% Grüner Veltliner, 40% Gelber Muskateller and 10% Riesling
Age of vines
25 years old
Agricultural Practices
Soil type
Vinified in stainless steel tank; all grape varietals are vinified together. Aged 4 months on the fine lees. Slightly filtered before bottling.
500 (9-liter cases)

Roasted chicken or Schnitzel.

Reviews and News

2021 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 87 PTS - BEST BUY - WE

2021 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 87 PTS - BEST BUY - WE

wine enthusiast 87 pts

"This is vibrant and vertical, sporting peach, lemon and apple aromas and flavors. Focused by the acidity, this leaves a savory impression on the finish. - Aleks Zecevic"

- Wine Enthusiast (June/July 2023), 87 pts - Best Buy


2020 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 90 PTS BEST BUY - W&S

2020 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 90 PTS BEST BUY - W&S

wine and spirits logo 250"This is light as air, floral and saline, fruity and spicy, tangy and fresh—everything you want in a $16 Gemischter Satz. —T.Q.T."

- Wine & Spirits Magazine (Regional Tasting Report, Spring 2022), 90 pts BEST BUY


2020 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 89 PTS - WE

2020 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 89 PTS - WE

wine enthusiast 89 pts

"Beautiful aromas of jasmine and orange oil blend into the juicy, citrusy details on the palate, in this light and refreshing white. There is firmness to its acidity that is nicely integrated. - ALEKS ZECEVIC"

- Wine Enthusiast (October 2022), 89 pts


2019 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 89 PTS - WE

2019 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 89 PTS - WE

wine enthusiast 89 pts"Lemon and lemon balm send aromatic freshness from the glass. The palate also shimmers with green notes reminiscent of moss, boxwood and blossom, all surrounded by lightness, slight spritz and lemony freshness. This is easy but oh so fresh and makes a cracking, light summer wine. - Anne KREBIEHL MW"

- Wine Enthusiast (September 2020), 89 pts


2019 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 2.5 STARS - WP

2019 Hugl Gemischter Satz - 2.5 STARS - WP

wplogo"This is a lovely, summery blend of grüner veltliner, gelber muskateller and riesling. It is in the style of Wiener Gemischter Satz, a field blend of white varieties grown in vineyards within the city limits of Vienna, although Hugl’s winery and vineyards are in the northwestern region of Austria. The grüner gives jasmine and white pepper, the gelber muskateller adds ripe orchard fruit flavor, and the riesling brings zip. Enjoy this cold, on the patio or at a picnic, with salads, cheeses or cured meats. Since it just arrived from Europe, availability should improve quickly. ABV: 12.5 percent."
- Washington Post (May 31st 2020), 2.5 Stars & Great Value


Producer Information: Hugl-Wimmer

Weingut HuglWimmer is a family-run winery in Ketzelsdorf-Poysdorf, Austria. Owners Sylvia (née Wimmer) and Martin Hugl both grew up in family wineries, and in 2006, they combined their winemaking knowledge ...
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