Paysan Cabernet Sauvignon
Le P'tit Paysan ( I. Brand )
United States - California - San Benito County

Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from three vineyards: the 60-year-old Brigantino Vineyard originally planted for Almaden, the 45-year-old Wheeler Ranch growing in calcareous alluvial deposits over the San Benito Arroyo, and the 75-year-old Tres Pinos Creek Vineyard in silty alluvial deposits. Ali of I Brand's Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards are either practicing organic, certified organic, or in the process of converting to organic farming. Petit Verdot is from Paicines AVA and Cabernet Pfeffer is from Cienega Valley AVA. Ali vineyards experience warm days and cold nights, typical of the Central Coast, allowing these late-ripening

The nose presents a complex bouquet of graphite-dusted black plum and California chaparral after rain. The dark black plum leads the attack on the palate and quickly evolves into brighter cherry notes reminiscent of fine kirsch. Big balanced acid wraps around into neatly developed tannins and transitions into umami notes of umeboshi Uapanese pickled plu ms) upon finish. 

San Benito County
Wine Type
91% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Petite Verdot, 3% Cabernet Pfeffer
Fermented whole berries (grapes that are destemmed) with a very light crush in open-top fermenters, allowing slower extraction, of tannins into the must and lots of oxygen into the fermentation for polymerization of tannins. Not inoculated for primary or secondary. Pressed after approximately 20 days. Aged for 11 months on lees in mostly neutral barrels with a couple of active oak barrels sprinkled in.
3,900 (9-liter cases)

Producer Information: Le P'tit Paysan ( I. Brand )

Ian and Heather Brand founded I Brand Family Wines in Central Coast California in 2008. Ian’s first winery job was with Bonny Doon Winery; he then went to work for ...
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