Russian River Vineyards Chardonnay Petersen Vineyard
Russian River Vineyards
United States - California - Russian River Valley

Pear, peach, apple and a hint of flint.
Flavors of gorgeous baked apples with golden raisin and brown sugar, comice pear tart, apricot scone with clarified butter. What a fabulous creamy texture this wine has, despite no oak influence at all. This is testament to the incredibly lush fruit from the Petersen Vineyard, along with hands-off winemaking. So fresh, lively and mouthwatering, it’s like biting into an apple right off the tree. You can feel the juice dripping down your chin.

Russian River Valley
Wine Type
100% Chardonnay
Age of vines
10 years old
Soil type
Sandy loam soils
100% stainless steel aging means no influence from oak barrels, so the winemaker can accentuate tropical notes and fruit flavors over the soft, buttery textures of oak-aged Chardonnays. The use of Montrachet yeast adds to the complexity of the nose and adds an intense tropical element. The long slow, temperature-controlled fermentation allows the esters to flourish in this wine, while allowing the palate to remain full and rich.
600 (9-liter cases)

Producer Information: Russian River Vineyards

In 2008, fourth generation farmer and aspiring winemaker Giovanni Balistreri, under the tutelage of award-winning winemaker Anthony Austin, set out to reclaim the rich history and enormous un-tapped potential of ...
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