The Mascot Red Blend Napa Valley
The Mascot
United States - California - Napa Valley

Following several dry years, 2016 brought one of those welcome, benevolent growing seasons that instills an enthusiasm in the winegrowing team at the approach of harvest. The winter saw abundant rainfall, and the spring brought with it an even temperance. June and July delivered several waves of warmth, which are typical of the Napa Valley; however, regular fog layers dappled with sunlight kept the region cool throughout August, ushering in a moderate Indian summer that imbued the fruit with an invigorating vibrancy, and enabled us to pick at an unhurried pace.

Aromas suggest cool, fragrant mists, an intermingling of bright fruit with gentle florals, and traces of fresh, wild herbs. A sip reveals a polished core—a soft, inviting texture bonded by strength. These playful curves resolve towards an elevated finish, as well as light, colorful notes that dance on the palate—and entice the imagination.

Napa Valley
Wine Type
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
The winemaking teams evaluate the young-vine lots at the blending table between 6 and 14 months after fermentation, selecting the finest for inclusion in The Mascot.
In total, The Mascot is aged in barrel for nearly three years prior to bottling and another 18 months prior to release.
The winemaking teams vinify the grapes from each propery in accordance with the character of their land. For aging the wines, Harlan Estate and BOND use new and nuetral French oack barrels, while Promontory employs larger casks made of Austrian oak.
5,000 (9-liter cases)

Producer Information: The Mascot

Mascot is a small-production label founded by Will Harlan in Napa Valley. The wines under this label are made from the younger vines of Harlan Estate, BOND, and Promontory, but ...
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