Cantine Volpi
Italy - Veneto

Founded in Tortona, in the Province of Alessandria in the far-off 1914, Cantine Volpi is a multi-generational, well recognized Italian wine company. They established their organic portfolio in 1999, using a form of clean agriculture, without pesticides and chemical substances, in accordance with the rules set by the organic bodies. The main objective is to maintain a healthy and biologically active soil. They only use natural fertilizers, such as composted animal manure and encourage natural predators of insect pests. They allow plants to grow in the vineyard in order to promote biodiversity.


The team of oenologists is led by Federico Riolfo, who follows a natural approach to winemaking: no sub fining agents (except from bentonite that comes from chalk), no added sugar, only natural yeasts, and minimal use of sulfur dioxide as an antioxidant.

Wines are certified by the I.C.E.A. (the Italian institute for ethic and environmental certification), and all wines are bottled in the state of the art winery in Tortona, Piedmont. The winery benefits from a brand new fully automatic bottling line, and all wines are stocked in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.


Producer Details
Wine Production Area
Italy - Veneto -
Carlo Volpi
Annual Production
330,000 (9-liter cases)