Rubus Proprietary Red Blend Australia
Rubus Project
Australia - South Australia

The Rubus Project was created by Fran Kysela as a way to source & sell incredible wines at value prices. All wines in this international project are hand-selected by Fran Kysela. Rubus wines are fruit driven, true-to-type values that over deliver - a true representation of quality for the consumer at an excellent price.

A blend of Rubired, Durif & Shiraz varieties:

Rubired is a cross between Tinto Cao and Alicante Ganzin (which is itself a cross between Alicante Bouschet and Aramon Rupestris Ganzin). It is known for being particularly adapted to the hot climate and producing dark wines, as the color is not only coming from the grape's skin, but also from the grape juice itself. It was developed in 1958 by H.P. Olmo of the University of California Davis.

Durif, also known as Petite Sirah, is also a cross of two different grape varietals: Syrah and Peloursin. It was created by French botanist Francois Durif in 1860 while keeping Syrah and Peloursin plants under the same roof; it happened from a natural process called "cross-pollination." The grape itself is known for its very aromatic, plummy character.

Shiraz, which we all know for being the most recognized grape varietal of Australia, brings some minty, spicy and fruity characteristics to the wines.

Deep, dark ruby color with aromas of blue fruit, confectionery and subtle licorice characters. Thick luscious palate with good structure and soft finish.

Wine Type
44% Rubired, 31% Durif and 25% Shiraz

BBQ lamb with roast vegetables.

Reviews and News

2014 Rubus Proprietary Red Reserve - 87 PTS - WINE VALUE - WA

2014 Rubus Proprietary Red Reserve - 87 PTS - WINE VALUE - WA

wa300"The 2014 Proprietary Red Reserve is a Rhône Ranger blend of Syrah, Durif and other grapes, in particular Rubired, a cross between Alicante and Tinto Cao. I don't think I've ever tasted a wine from it, but the grape is known for producing dark wines in hot climates. This savory wine offers rich, ripe blackberry fruit, a touch of plum and prune, and good attack, with a medium to full-bodied mouthfeel and a spicy finish. Drink it over the next several years."

- Wine Advocate (March 2016), 87 pts - Excellent Wine Values for Under $25

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