Sidras Bereziartua Sagardoak
Spain - Pais Vasco

Sidras Bereziartua Sagardoak is a family-run firm devoted to cider production since 1870. The first Bereziartua ciders were produced at the old facility in Ergobia. A century later, in 1970, the cider house finally committed itself to the production of sagardua or cider at its facilities in Astigarraga, where they are located today. Since then, and following various modernization processes, Bereziartua has become a beacon in the production of natural cider, while at the same time preserving its family character at the service of tradition, and out of respect and gratitude towards the loyal customers. The fourth generation is currently running the company.

Bereziartua is home to 60 kupelas (barrels with a capacity of over 1,000 litres) made of wood, polyester and stainless steel. Next to these kupelas there are two refrigerated warehouses to control the fermentation process in line with our requirements. The txotx is a tradition that is carried out following the first contact with the cider inside the kupela; that usually happens on the Friday before 20th January - Saint Sebastian's day. The txotx season at Bereziartua goes on until the end of May. This tradition began with cider tasting sessions involving the cider maker and the wholesalers, restaurants, private individuals, gastronomic clubs, etc. Prospective buyers used to turn up at the cider house to sample the various kupelas to choose the cider that they felt was in the best condition to be purchased. Today, it has become a popular gastronomic event in the Basque society.



Producer Details
Wine Production Area
Spain - Pais Vasco -
Aitor Bereziartua
Aitor Bereziartua
12.35 acres
Grape Varietal(s)
Urtebi, Txalaka, Goikoetxe, Moko
Agricultural Practices
Annual Production
2,500 (9-liter cases)