Acqua Smeraldina originates from the Sardinian heartland, at the foot of Monte Limbara. It is pure water filtered through one-thousand-year-old micro-fractured granite rocks, typical of the Gallura area.

The Smeraldinia brand was established in 1985 by experienced entrepreneur Giovanni Maria Solinas. Giovanni was born in 1926, and he started selling his home-made soft drinks as a kid. In 1955, Giovanni and his wife created their first real brand, Plubium. They registered the Smeraldini trademark 30 years later, and in 2005, established the Smeraldina Corporation in New York.

Experience, passion for his work, deep respect for the precious water, for consumers and employees are some of the many values that Giovanni has handed down to his five sons, Mauro, Riccardo, Marco, Nicola and Antonio.

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Italy - Sardinia - Tempio Pausania
Giovanni Maria Solinas

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