Tamarack Cellars
United States - Washington

At Tamarack Cellars, the focus is handcrafting pleasantly balanced wines, offered at a fair price. Danny Gordon, now the official “Maker of Wine”, was hired on a year after Ron and Jamie Coleman founded Tamarack in 1998. Gordon came to Tamarack with no formal education in wine; the years of work with Coleman have proved more than enough. Tamarack wines consistently garner wide acclaim.

Through dedication to the wine, Tamarack’s first vintage of 300 cases of Merlot has grown to today’s 25,000 case annual production.

At Tamarack, the hard work of winemaking is on full display; racking, blending, and bottling all occurs within view of the tasting room - not your typical Walla Walla Valley “Chateau”. Select grapes are bought from vineyards in Walla Walla Valley, Red Mountain, Yakima and Columbia Valley, and are crushed, fermented, blended all in a firehouse complex turned winery, located on an old World War II Army Air base. Firehouse Red as well as limited production single vineyard reserve blends, are made barrel by barrel. Aptly named, Tamarack’s flagship Firehouse Red has proved exemplary among expressions of Washington State’s characteristic red blends.

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Tamarack Cellars

Tamarack Cellars

Boutique winery from Waterbrook and Canoe Ridge alumnus Ron Coleman delivers ripe varietals and blends; Syrah-Bordeaux blend Firehouse Red is outstanding value."
- Anthony Dias' blue pocket guide to wine 2006

Producer Details
United States - Washington
Wine Production Area
United States - Washington - Columbia Valley, Red Mountain, Walla Walla Valley, Yakima Valley
Ron & Jamie Coleman
Danny Gordon
Annual Production
20,000 (9-liter cases)