Maranones Blanco Picarana
Bodega Maranones
Spain - Sierra de Gredos - D.O. Vinos de Madrid

“Picarana is our white Pueblo or Comarca wine. 100 percent Albillo Real local grape. There is very little Albillo Real left in Spain. It is mostly located in Gredos and in the hottest villages, because the Albillo Real likes the sun a lot.
It is a very early grape, usually for the table, very tasty, very juicy. It has a very small bunch that turns golden immediately. It allows us to obtain a white wine with a lot of density in the mouth and unctuousness, due to its high content of glycerin.
The name of picarana was given as a tribute to a bird in the area, even though we are literally at war with them, because they eat the grapes. The name serves a little to reflect that union of land, environment and wildlife. Although we have to dispel the birds so that they do not do too much damage, we paid them a tribute by giving their name to the wine.
Picarana is the result of a combination of all land plots, orientations and types of granites. They are all the elements at our disposal to convey the revival of the vineyard.”

D.O. Vinos de Madrid
Wine Type
100% Albillo Real
Soil type
Very diverse soils from our valley, with mainly granite (white, brown and pink).

Producer Information: Bodega Maranones

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