Alexandre M Mon Mouss Petillant Naturel
Alexandre M
France - Loire Valley

Mon Mouss was Alexandre Monmousseau's nick name at school. Monmousseau = Mon Mouss.
Mousseux means bubbly ... Mon Mouss is also a play of word meaning MY BUBBLY.
The wine is a Pet'nat' produced using a Methode Ancestrale, displaying lime and litchi aromas with apple and pear flavors.

Wine Type
100% Chenin Blanc
Age of vines
Average 20 years
Agricultural Practices
Soil type
Limestone, Clay and Silicate
Very ripped grapes with a very good personality, hand picked. No sulfites added up to disgorging. Fermentation with native yeasts ended in bottle, (bottling in December. Aging sur lattes for 9 months. Reddling and disgorging in October. no dosage nor liqueur d'expédition and a very low amount of sulfite added.
125 (9-liter cases)

Aperitif, seafood, oysters, light hard cheeses, and just for fun, by itself.

Producer Information: Alexandre M

Alexandre M is one of our latest project in the Loire Valley from one of our oldest wine connections/friendships. Alexandre Monmousseau sold Chateau Gaudrelle a few years ago and he is ...
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