Couvreur Dominos Malt Whisky "Kysela Selection"
France - Burgundy - Bouze-Les-Beaune

Couvreur Dominos Malt Whisky "Kysela Selection" is a special project between our two companies in order to celebrate more than 25 years of relationship.

it’s a special blend for different reasons, in comparaison with Michel Couvreur's usual Overaged (12 years old Blended malt whisky):
- No water, Dominos is a natural strength bottling. Jean-Arnaud and Cyril have used some old malt whiskies matured a long time in their humid underground cellar. The very high level of humidity makes that we loose a lot of alcohol concentration every year. In this case, the alcohol concentration can be close to 40% ABV. Instead of adding water, we prefer to keep the flavors' concentration and decrease the final alcohol concentration by adding old whiskies.
- Being a blended malt whisky, we decided to increase the ratio of peated malt.
- Some malt whiskies are matured in very old Moscatel casks which give « roasted », « coffee », « miso Japanese spice » flavors. These malts enhanced the flavors of the blend, like the salt in the food, like miso spice in a Japanese soup… In French, we like to say « exhausteur de goûts » (flavors enhancer).
- Whiskies from 10 different barrels were used in order to reach the perfect blend.

In May 2023, Jean-Arnaud came to visit Fran and Joe in Winchester, VA with two possible blends:
- A slightly lighter, delicate « Overaged »
- A peated, more spicy « Overaged », that we selected. We gave it the name "Dominos". 

Special Ingredients
Still Type
Double distillation
Scottish distillation as usual, single malt supplied by usual double distillation.
12 years in Moscatel and Sherry Cask barrels in the cellar in Bouze les Beaune (Burgundy)

To be preferably consumed at a cool temperature as a digestive. Perfect with cigares pairings. 

Producer Information: Michel Couvreur

Michel Couvreur Whiskies began with a Belgium man making Scotch Whisky in the heart of Burgundy – quite the combination! Michel Couvreur was a passionate perfectionist when it came to ...
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