Couvreur Special Vatting Malt Whiskey
France - Burgundy - Bouze-Les-Beaune

This vatted malt combines three "single-single malts" (single casks) aged 12, 14 and 22 years old. As with the entire Couvreur range, it is distinctive and impressive.

The complex flavors are obtained thanks to:
- an old, mature, spicy and mellow whisky (matured in Oloroso cask)
- a iodine and peaty younger whisky with fresh structure and very expressive flavors (matured in PX cask).
- a delicate and subtle whisky (like our Pale Single) which is helpful for this good balance.

Deep and rancio mellow flavors of whiskies matured in old Sherry casks are enhanced by the iodine and fresh almond peaty from the younger whiskies.

Sherry, leather, tobacco, delicate and subtle woody flavors. Delicious silky texture, nice balance. A delicious peat that reminds liquorice flavors.

Date of distillation: 2003 Age: Youngest 3 y.o. Original strength: 70% Natural strength in casks: 53% Bottling strength: 45% Maturation: Casks px, oloroso, amontillado. Butts. Cellar: Middle humidity, Very humid the last years

Consumed at room temperature as a digestive, it’s the best companion of cigars.

Producer Information: Michel Couvreur

Michel Couvreur Whiskies began with a Belgium man making Scotch Whisky in the heart of Burgundy – quite the combination! Michel Couvreur was a passionate perfectionist when it came to ...
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